Öcalan fringe at TUC congress, Monday 12 September

We are holding a fringe at the TUC on Monday lunchtime (12.30)  in the Hilton Hotel Brighton in the Regency room.

Below is the flyer and some social media memes, it would be really great and very much appreciated if you could get the information around to your delegations that are attending and promote on social media as well. We will be leafletting on Monday morning (12 September) so if you have any volunteers to help with that it would also be greatly appreciated!


Simon Dubbins – campaign co-chair and Unite international director

Vicky Blake – UCU president

Lloyd Russell–Moyle – labour party MP

Elif Sarican – Kurdish peoples’ assembly

Mariela Kohon – Senior International Officer TUC

Chaired by Doug Nicholls – GFTU General secretary.

Hope to see you there.Refreshments will be provided!

We also will have a fringe at the Labour Party conference. Details of that will be available soon.

Why the trade union movement must redouble its support for the Kurdish struggle and the freedom for Öcalan.

Over the last 12 months there has been a massive increase in violence and oppression by the Erdogan Government against opposition parties, trade unionists, women and Kurds. The Turkish state has now withdrawn from the Istanbul Convention that protects women and girls from violence, thousands of trade unionist and opposition politicians are in jail on terrorism charges, and the Kurdish political leader Abdullah Öcalan has been subject to even more punitive measures despite already having spent more than 20 years in prison in complete isolation. With a presidential election in Turkey due to take place in 2023 there is a very high likelihood that oppression and violence will intensify further.

But the extreme violence and repression of the Turkish state is not confined to its own borders with the last year witnessing a huge upsurge in Turkish military aggression against Iraq, North East Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan, as well as serious threats against Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yet somehow Turkey has managed to present itself as an honest broker in the Ukraine conflict while NATO turns a blind eye to the naked aggression of one of its own members, and while countries such as Sweden and Finland capitulate to Turkey’s demands to support their war on the Kurds in their desperation to join the NATO military alliance.

Join us to discuss what steps we can take to build solidarity and international pressure to support and defend all those inside and outside of Turkey who aspire to democracy, peace, freedom and equality and why the release of Öcalan is so important for peace and stability in the wider region.

Facebook meme for TUC fringe meeting
Instagram meme for TUC fringe meeting
Twitter meme for TUC fringe meeting