This meeting notes:

  • since his abduction in 1999, Abdullah Öcalan has been continuously denied his human rights under Turkish and international law and we draw particular attention to the UN-mandated “Mandela Rules” (58 to 63) (1) for the ethical treatment of prisoners as well as the European Convention of Human Rights which Turkey signed in 1986
  • the Turkish state is currently abusing anti-terror legislation to persecute and criminalise its political opponents; 300 Kurdish political prisoners including MP Leyla Güven are on hunger strike to protest the treatment of the Kurds and Öcalan’s isolation and imprisonment (2)
  • Öcalan has called repeatedly for a democratic resolution within Turkey to secure a peaceful and lasting solution
  • the illegal invasion of Afrin by the Turkish regime has displaced 150,000 civilians and is a destabilising influence on the region; Turkey has stated that Kurds east of the Euphrates “will be buried in their ditches when the time comes” (3); this along with calls for a second Cyprus are tantamount to signalling the intent to commit war crimes
  • in 2017 the UK Trades Union Congress unanimously passed a motion giving the support of the UK’s 6 million trade unionists to the demands for Öcalan’s release (4)

This meeting believes:

  • Erdogan and the ruling AKP’s increasing authoritarianism and the direct threat of war crimes in Northern Syria must be challenged by the international community
  • Öcalan is key to a peaceful solution in Turkey; he has the support of the Kurdish people as is clearly demonstrated by the fact that over 10 million people signed a petition calling for his release
  • the values of Abdullah Öcalan; peace, democracy, equality – are the values of the international labour movement and it’s our responsibility to show solidarity with Öcalan and the Kurdish people

We resolve:

  • to call on the international community to stand with the population of Rojava against illegal aggression from the Turkish state and support a no-fly zone in the region
  • that we shall immediately affiliate with the Freedom for Öcalan campaign
  • to work with the Freedom for Öcalan campaign and apply political pressure on this government and the next Labour government to demand;
    • Abdullah Öcalan be released as part of a peace process
    • the Turkish state to obey its own and international laws
    • a peaceful and democratic resolution to be sought between Turkey and its Kurdish citizens
    • the reconvening of peace talks between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)

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