International Women’s Day 2021 – statement

On the occasion of 8 March 2021, International Women’s Day, the UK trade union Freedom for Öcalan campaign celebrates all women who are fighting for peace, democracy and equality worldwide.

We commemorate those women who have given their lives in the fight against ISIS and the resistance against enslavement, exploitation, and occupation and in their unending work at bringing about a better society for women across the Middle East.

We rejoice in the Women’s revolution of north and east Syria, which has been a shining light of democracy in the region, and by making women front and centre across all institutions it has become the first truly equal society.

We also salute and stand with the women of Turkey who are fighting for dignity and freedom in an increasing repressive, regressive and violent country.

The UK trade union freedom for Öcalan campaign will continue to fight for the recognition of women in bringing peace, equality and democracy to a region that historically has crushed women’s freedoms, voices and choices, and we continue to fight for justice for those women who have lost their freedom or their lives in the battle for that peace, equality and democracy. We believe the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is a key to democracy in the region including women’s liberation. On this occasion we renew our dedication to his freedom.

Jin Jiyan Azadi!