A tribute to David Graeber 1961 – 2020

The Freedom for Ocalan trade union campaign was shocked and extremely saddened by the sudden death of David Graeber.

David was a hugely influential anthropologist, political activist and intellectual. He was a great friend, advocate and supporter of the Rojava revolution and the Kurdish struggle and an avid supporter of the Freedom for Öcalan campaign in the UK and internationally.  He described Rojava as “one of few bright spots to emerge from the tragedy of the Syrian revolution.”

David wrote passionately of Öcalan’s work as well as being an active contributor in many collections and anthologies, he understood the momentous historical importance of the Rojava women’s revolution and why progressives the world over must rally to its defence.

David Graeber didn’t just write about the injustices forced on ordinary people across the world; he dedicated his life to fighting against them. The Freedom for Öcalan campaign offers our deepest condolences and solidarity to his family and friends.